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A Happy New YOU in 2022!

This is your year!

In the past two years, our attention has been everywhere except on ourselves! Certainly, you have felt the distractions at nearly at every turn.

This year make a promise to YOUrself to take the time you deserve for self-care! No, this isn’t selfish, not at all. You have permission to take time for you, for self-care. Don’t let this be confused with a new year resolution, this is better than a resolution!

Why YOU Are Important

Our body is the one true home we have in our entire life. We should spend more time taking care of our flesh and bones. Self care isn’t just about visiting the yoga studio, it’s far more than that but yoga is a great place to start. Finding time, whether 5 minutes or 4 hours, self-care is about making time for just YOU.

Different Ways to Practice YOU (self-care)

Begin YOUR day with a smile

A new day is an opportunity for you, beginning the moment your feet touch the floor in the morning. Taking that first stretch as you begin your day, with a smile before your toes touch the cool floor or soft rug, take two minutes to take a few deep breaths, find one thing you’re grateful for always with a smile. Begin your day with a smile. Smiling releases endorphins, which helps a person feel happier and more positive. A Scientific American study found that facial expressions, such as smiling, can improve one's mood and increase positive thoughts, thus helping the physical, emotional and mental state of wellbeing.

Not enough time in the day?

Here are some simple tips for self-care that you can devote 5 minutes or 60 minutes. The time is yours to give.

Organize your shoes in the Master Closet!

Take a few minutes ALONE! One way a client finds time to herself is in her master closet! Brilliant! If you have a closet large enough for a pillow it’s a great space to take a break away from the world. No one needs to know you’re simply finding your breath, tell the kids you're arranging your shoes by color!

Read an easy book!

Find an easy reading book. Nothing too deep, or intense. Perhaps a good book focusing on gratitude or short poems, something that makes you smile or laugh.

But of course, a Bath!

By now as a reader, you know a bath will get mentioned. What isn’t to love about a hot bath with candles, lavender and a glass of your favorite beverage. Lemon water is a perfect beverage for a hot bath, helps keep you hydrated. Take your bath after the house has quieted down for the evening, that way you won't be distracted by anyone calling your name. **Remember, turn OFF your cell phone!!!

More time for YOU, add a massage!

For those days you have more time schedule a massage. Think back to the last time you actually treated yourself to a full body gentle massage. Not enough time for a full body massage, pop in to your local nail bar for a pedi..Pretty toes always brings a smile!

A Multitasker’s Dream Come True!

If you are one of those people who love multi-tasking, well YOGA is calling your name. Finding time to breathe, stretch, strengthen muscles and clear your mind of all those distractions! Talk about a multi tasking dream come true! Joyful Yoga has classes for every experience level of yogi. Regardless of which class you arrive at you will always find a peaceful, calm place to settle in for self-care.

Guided Meditation is Self-Care Too!

Maybe you're craving calm but really don't have any extra energy to exert. Try a guided mediation. Just lay back, listen and follow along. Meditation can’t get much easier than that. We have another simple guided mediation for you here.

Why is Self-Care Important???

Our home is more than four walls with a roof and a kitchen. Our personal home that goes with us everywhere is our flesh and bones. If we took care of our body & mind like we take care of our four walls we would be free of dis-ease. Please think about that for just one more moment, DIS as in not having EASE moving freely without effort.

Why A New YOU?

Inevitabley, you experience stress which comes in all forms. Anxiety, tragic events, loss, the unknown, all resulting in unwarranted stress causing poor sleep, decreased productivity, tension, depression and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

It is time you focused on YOU. Joyful Yoga offers Reiki Energy Healing sessions,

Private Personalized Yoga sessions, and Studio Group Classes to help you in your journey getting back to the basics of self-care.

What YOU Stands For:

Y Yoga, Yogic, Year-round, Youthfulness

O Opportunity, Optimism, Optimal

U Understanding, Unconditional Love for Self

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