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The Joy of Meditation

Meditation is a universal unicorn that most people know would be magical yet can’t seem to find the time or know how.

Do you think that only the “super yogis” can do it?

You can meditation too! There are hundreds of techniques people use to find their unique recipe for a quiet mind and we can give you some simple ideas just keep reading.

But first a little tidbit you might not know about meditation….

Did you know that meditation regarded as the original form of yoga? Meditation is an ancient practice that is believed to have begun in India thousands of years ago, makes complete sense since it is also written that mediation was close to the original form of yoga.

Yoga then certainly doesn’t look like yoga today. Yogis sat still, emptied their minds and slowed their heart rates. Today that seems nearly impossible. When yoga came to the western culture there was an introduction of movements to help the prepare the mind to be quiet.

The introduction to a more mindful basis of stress reduction came right from our backyard, U of Massachusetts. Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn was instrumental in bringing benefits of mindfulness worldwide, hence helping jump start a new found desire for meditation.

The benefits certainly outweigh any hesitation one might have about beginning to explore a meditation practice. Here is a list of just a few of the benefits directly associated with a meditation practice:

Physical ~ Reduction of stress, helps sleep, releases built tension in the body

Mental ~ Helps release OCD tendencies, soothes the mind, brings a sense of ease

Emotional ~ Lessens depression, engages happy feelings,

Spiritual ~ Inner silence is amplified, connection to all living things, deeper intuitive awareness

Remember these are just to name a FEW!

The list goes on. The best benefit is that western medicine is now highly recommending meditation for a host of issues they are treating to their patients.

Now that we’ve read a few of the incredible benefits of meditation is it time to jump in and experience it? Here’s some tips that can help you

  1. Find a comfortable seat, one that you won’t be disturbed and you enjoy being in

  2. Create the space that is conducive for meditation or quiet time. Maybe a pretty view, no clock, away from the home center, the busy part of the home.

  3. Use a timer and begin with only a few minutes at a time.

  4. Try using a guided meditation, again one that is only a few minutes.

  5. Find a focal point, maybe a candle or a tree outside the window. Sit for a few minutes and just gaze focusing entirely on that you are observing. Closing the eyes is certainly an option as well, but some people find it difficult at first.

Still not sure and need more guidance, we’ve included a FREE 10 minute guided meditation to help you start. It’s a simple grounding and centering practice, one that can be done either in the morning or evening. The FREE guided meditation does include laying down, please know that it is recommended to be in a comfortable seat when meditating, otherwise sleep is a side effect!

Learn more about meditation at Joyful Yoga’s The joy of Meditation workshop on March 7, 2023. We will dive deeper into techniques and options for a beginning meditation practice.

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