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Group Stretching

Class Descriptions

Our class list includes a range of levels and techniques and are taught by our certified team of instructors. We pride ourselves in offering classes that are both dynamic and meditative, letting you move your body as well as still the mind.

Each class provides personal modifications and emphasizes integrating mind, body, energy, and breath; within a light and supportive environment. In addition to sequencing for an energetic effect, meditation, pranayama and a guided savasana are offered in each class. 

All levels of practice are welcome. 

*Pre-registration for class is required 
*Please arrive a 10 minutes before class to settle in

*We value your time, our classes begin and end on time. 

*Studio doors locked when class starts, arrive before class start time.

*For cancellation policy please refer to Policy & Etiquette section

Therapeutic Yoga

These classes are an excellent choice for those with mobility restrictions, recovering from or living with injury or pain, emotional or mental stress. These classes are effective in bringing the body & mind into balance with a greater sense of ease.  

  • Sacred Stretch

  • Chair & More

  • Restorative Yoga

  • Yin Yoga

  • Functional Yoga

  • Private Yoga Classes

Person holding a yoga pose

Rise & Shine Flow Yoga

Monday 9:15am w/ Aly

Gentle - Beginner

Focused on alignment, stretch and breath.

This class is a hybrid between Hatha and stretch, gentle enough for the gracefully aging but with focused alignment cues and soft touch. 


Chair & More

Tuesday 9:00am w/ Cathy

Therapeutic - Beginner

Chair yoga is created for anyone who spends time behind a desk, not able to easily move from floor to standing or just looking for an adaptable version of yoga to aid in health / physical recovery from injury.

Yoga Studio

Functional Yoga

Wednesday 4:00pm w/ Cathy

Therapeutic - Beginner - Intermediate

This class is specifically designed to take time moving through functional movements for joints, fascia and muscles. This is centered on reaching to bring a deeper level of ease to our everyday movements in life.

Perfect for anyone with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia

Yoga Practice

Flow with Breath ~ Vinyasa

Thursday 5:15pm w/Joy

Beginner - Intermediate

A 50 minutes vinyasa flow that pairs movement with breath. Each breath incorporates a movement to warm the body, raise awareness and find comfort in the challenge of maintaining a steady pace. Yoga with a cardio and strength aspect.

Rooftop Yoga

Serenity Saturday

Saturday 9:00am w/Stefanie

Beginner - Intermediate

Release the week's stress & anxiety through a gentle recharging flow. Stefanie brings her knowledge of living through anxiety to the mat, with a thoughtful and anxiety reducing class.Focus on breath work, grounding and basic balance postures to get you out of your head and onto your mat. 


Flow with Compassion

Monday 4:00pm, w/ Joy

Gentle - Beginner

This soothing practice built to incorporate breath work, mindfulness, love for our flesh and bones. We move through life without much thought, this class lets us slow down, hear what our body is telling us and feel the messages.

Girl Planking

Strength Vinyasa Flow

Tuesday 5:15pm w/Stefanie

Beginner - Intermediate

Warm the body up, flow to get the body moving & breathing while raising the inner heat and then cool down with an aromatherapy savasana. Expect to build body heat & strength.


Tranquil Flow

Wednesday 6:30pm w/ Stefanie

Beginner - Intermediate

Tranquil is an active form of yoga designed to bring balance to both body and mind. The postures are linked together with breath. Breath work is the basis of flow yoga which adds to a deeper feeling of tranquility.

Pilates Stretches

Yin & Restore ~ Sacred Stretch

Thursday 6:45pm w/Joy

Therapeutic - Beginner -Intermediate

Infusing stretching postures and a meditative aspect, this class incorporates deep stretching to allow the body and mind to relax.

Restorative yoga is a passive form of yoga that allows you to focus on your breath while releasing tension in your body. End class with a guided meditation.

Studio Fitness


Sunday 9:00am,

Tuesday 7:00pm w/ Sarah

Beginner - Intermediate

Pilates is a type of exercise, very similar to yoga, that focuses on improving flexibility, strength, and body awareness through controlled movements. During this Pilates class, bands, weights and balls will be introduced to help define and deepen the practice.

Stretch Yoga Pose

Community Class ~ Drop In

Monday 6:30pm w/Deb

Beginner - Intermediate 

A gentle Hatha style class perfect for beginners or intermediate yogis. Slow flow with held postures, focus on breath and alignment.


Core Yoga

Wednesday 9:15am w/Aly

Beginner - Intermediate

Focus on strength and core stability with the benefit of yoga asanas, which is easy on the joints.​ Class is designed to benefit the body with proper alignment, & improve posture.

Yoga Class

Mindful Morning, 50+ Yoga

Thursday 9:00am w/ Joy

Gentle - Beginner

Designed for adults 50+ who may benefit from a slower pace class with a recognition of age-related functional changes. The class brings a mindfulness to our gentle practice of postures and stretching.

Pilates Pose

Flow with Grace Vinyasa

Friday 9:15am w/Aly

Beginner - Intermediate

Class will focus on getting the body moving at a quicker pace, yet in a mindful way.  We will flow through the postures, matching movement with breath, giving time to pause in each posture to explore the sensations within. Options for a challenge for yogis who want to go a bit deeper in their practice.


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