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Joyful Yoga NH is the ONLY New Hampshire yoga studio to offer clients the AirBox Air Purifier in studio.

The AirBox™ exceeds all CDC & OSHA air purification guidelines for COVID-19. We have heavily invested in your health, that's how important it is to us!

We are advancing the quality of the air you breathe while practicing at Joyful Yoga.



Joyful Yoga NH, LLC  is a studio where the energy provides a sacred space and environment. 

You will feel at ease as you roll out your mat. We are an all accessible, judgement free and provide a non-intimidating approach to yoga. We welcome you with an open heart. 


Joyful Yoga encourages you to receive the benefits of yoga, regardless of age, size, shape or ability level. We journey with you, guiding and providing a safe and loving atmosphere. Our studio honors the ancient tradition of yoga. 

Yoga is a practice, there is no perfect in yoga.  Joyful Yoga guides a yoga practice that is safe for you. As we progress through life, our bodies change, the body is unique, our movement, flexibility and mobility are often challenged. Our extensive continued yoga education provides us a rare ability to bring a tailored yoga practice to you, honoring that yoga isn't a one size fits all.  Joyful Yoga isn't a reproduction, we are as unique as you!

Yoga teaches us to know ourselves, to admire our challenges, understand our limitations and be true to our Self. The yoga mat is a sanctuary. Yoga brings you a deeper connection to your inner bliss, wisdom and divine love.  Trust your mat to take you to a place where the breath opens endless possibilities.

Yoga is a journey, enjoy the unfolding.    

Be grateful, be joyful, be unique!


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