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Before you book your first class consider what type of class is best to start with:  A few questions to ask yourself,


Do you currently exercise regularly?

     Yes:  Any mat class would be a good choice

     No:  Start with a BEGINNER mat class

Do you currently have a yoga practice?

     Yes:  Any mat class would be perfect

     No:  Start with a BEGINNER mat class or PRIVATE yoga

Can you get up from the floor without help?

     Yes:  Any BEGINNER mat class

     No:  A good place to start is a CHAIR yoga, THERAPEUTIC yoga or PRIVATE yoga

Are you recovering from joint replacement surgery?

     Yes:  A good place to start is a CHAIR yoga, THERAPEUTIC yoga or PRIVATE yoga

     No:  Any BEGINNER mat class

Interested in starting with a Private Class?

Joyful has a special starter offer with YOU in mind!

Everything to get you started.

Yoga Starter Package Special.png

Joyful Yoga Starter Package

  • Perfect for the individual who is brand new to yoga. 

  • Perhaps you've always wanted to begin a yoga practice but didn't know where to start.

  • Everyone keeps mentioning yoga, are you ready?

Starter Package includes:

  • 60 Minute private / semi-private yoga session

  • Choose a gorgeous new GAIAM yoga mat

  • 30-days of Unlimited yoga

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