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The Magic of Savasana

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

We’ve all heard a yoga teacher say there is magic in Savasana, but what is magic about it if we can't relax? Having trouble turning off the mind? Savasana is mastering relaxation with attention and it takes some understanding and practice to help get the mind to quiet long enough to receive the benefits. (Savasana also spelled Shavasana and often referred to as corpse pose in yoga)

It’s not unusual to have an extremely hard time turning off our brains, especially when we don’t even know where to begin. The hope is that you can pick up a few tips and tricks, after all that’s why your eye caught the title! Shavasana can be rejuvenating, relaxing and refreshing. We all could use some of that!

Shavasana is considered the best part of a yoga practice along with the most difficult part because there is zero energetic effort that goes into it, the body is still. But if you’re one of the many who can’t stop adding items to your to-do-list, well, it can be frustrating. The fine art of staying still and relaxing is harder than it appears! Remember everyone in class was a novice at one point.

5 Easy to understand tips for a peaceful experience


The most important step is to let go of any self judgement because you think you can’t do it. Layering on the judgement just perpetuates the busy mind. Beginning with what is wrong with me to why can’t I do this.

Follow our lead…..let go of judgement.

Exhale and Let the Body Receive

Take that deep exhale and let that to-do-list vanish. When we come into Shavasana, better known as Corpse Pose we are anticipating 10-15 minutes of suspended animation. In fact there is a lot happening deep within the body. Just a few of the physical benefits of Shavasana are:

Physical Benefits:

1) Lowers Blood Pressure

2) Reduces Insomnia

3) Relieves muscle & skeleton tension

4) Increases mental health awareness

5) Reduces stress & fatigue

6) Actually improves brain function

7) Bring a feeling of peacefulness

8) Helps in the repair of tissues & cells

Comfort is Key!

Third tip to help get you on your way to a better relaxed state, make sure you are comfortable. Laying on a hard floor isn’t always optimum for some. Remember the use of props are there to help make your experience as heavenly as it can be. Think of your favorite restorative posture. Use a bolster to support under your knees. Maybe a blanket or two double folded under the body for extra cushion or a blanket curled under one time beneath the neck. There are options galore to help provide a much more comfortable experience. If the body is comfortable the mind will have a much easier time relaxing. A lavender eye pillow is a must!

Eye Pillow Anyone?

A lavender eye pillow is a must for anyone working towards bettering their experience. Ever tried sleeping with a weighted blanket? There is evidence that sleeping with a weighted blanket helps a wide range of conditions. Using an eye pillow can help bring gentle weight to the ocular bone, eye sockets and forehead. This stimulates the vagus nerve (the brain balancer of the parasympathetic nervous system) sending calming messages to the body giving the mind permission to relax.

Did we mention BREATHE?

Breathe! If you’ve tried the tips we’ve mentioned and still struggling to really get to that peaceful place, count the breath. Begin with the number 27 and count back to zero with each complete breath. If you lose count begin again at 27 and just simply count each complete breath until you reach a state where you simply just released the numbers and are in the state of calm you were aiming for. Congratulations! You found the magical place we call Shavasana.

To fully reach that state with ease takes time and practice. This is another beautiful example of why we call yoga a practice, it is just that.

BONUS More Tips

Eye pillows are sold at Magia NH located inside Joyful Yoga NH

A Yoga Nidra class, workshop or special event can help provide the mind an opportunity to experience a longer Shavasana like experience. This can give you the experience to recall when in yoga.

Enjoy your magical Shavasana!

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