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Finding the Right Yoga Studio

Are you new to yoga? Or perhaps looking for a new studio closer to home? Whether you’re a novice or have been practicing for years, finding the right yoga studio can sometimes be challenging. In this blog, Joyful Yoga NH shares tips on how to locate that place where you feel safe during your practice.

1) Consider your goals for yoga. What are YOU looking for?

Determining your goals in a Yoga studio comes down to two categories: Studio environment and class style.


A studio should be a place that creates an environment that is caring, warm and makes you feel comfortable from the moment you enter the front door. Specific considerations for looking for a studio could include:

Proximity to home or work

Class times

Where studio is located, parking availability

How experienced are the instructors

You might even be looking for more of a community or a studio where you can find women who have the same goals.

Class Styles:

Ask yourself what type of exercise you feel your body needs. Yoga classes offering more exercise or cardio in their practice, such as “Power Vinyasa” are much different than a gentle “Hatha” class. If your goal is to help stretch out muscles because you’re sitting in an office chair all week or you have a specific tightness due to injury from years prior, your first choice may not be a faster pace yoga that is high-cardio.

2) Find a Yoga Studio Near Me

Finding a reputable Yoga studio can be done in a few simple ways.

Ask your friends and family where they currently practice yoga. Another great way to find a yoga studio is Google. A Google search is more than just a list of businesses, it can be a review of each studio individually by reading their feedback from clients. What yoga clients have to say is important. What has been their experience? Once you’ve narrowed down your search on Google take a look at each studio’s website for more specific information. The website will allow you to see whether they have the right class offerings for you. If you’re interested, you can either contact the studio directly or book a class.

3) What Makes a Good Yoga Studio? Is there really a difference?

Review the Yoga Studio’s Website

By reading a studio’s website, you can learn a lot about the practice, the environment, class styles and offerings, instructors, and more about the studio’s energy of intention. For example, how long have the instructors been teaching? How long has the business been open? Another important fact to consider is how long the instructor / owner has been a student of yoga. What educational certificates do the instructors and owner hold? Consider reading the studio’s testimonials or personal stories. This information can help you get a feeling for what you can expect when you visit.

Take a Look at Yoga Class Offerings

Does the studio offer any unique classes or classes that align with what you are searching for in yoga? Another item to consider when looking to find the right yoga studio is will you be with your peers? Does the studio offer classes for your demographic, if that is important to you.

Check-in on Social Media

Lastly, if you’re on social media such as Facebook or Instagram, viewing a local businesses’ profile may give you some additional insight on the studio’s community, presence, more reviews, and possibly events that they offer. Social media is a different perspective and a good way to see how customers interact with a business in a different light.

All of this preliminary research on yoga studios gets you closer to narrowing in on your selection.

4) Contact or Visit the Top Yoga Studios in Person

Take a Class

The best way to know for certain is to take a class! Consider purchasing a “drop in” or a one-time class. You will see the studio, meet the instructor and get a chance to listen to how the other yoga clients interact. A good indicator is does the community and instructor personally welcome you to the class and the studio?

Call the Yoga Studio

If you’re not sure which class you might want to try, call the studio. Talk to the owner or front desk. Tell them what you are looking for. Don’t be afraid to pick up your phone and give them a call. Oftentimes after a conversation with the owner, you know what you didn’t know before. You found the right studio.

5) Commit to Your Yoga Journey

When searching for the right yoga studio for your practice, it’s important to find a place you feel at home. A place where you can close your eyes, take that deep breath, and feel your body begin to unwind and relax. Rolling out your mat should make you feel at peace.

For more information on class offerings at Joyful Yoga, contact us today, we will get you started on your yoga journey, welcoming you with open arms!

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