Joy Aldrich


Reiki Master of Masters

Owner & Primary Instructor

Joy has been a student of yoga for over 30 years, with a passion for flowing deeper into the postures, closing her eyes and allowing the breath to take her to that inner place of bliss, her personal nirvana.

She teaches her classes with that same ease and sense of inner peace. She brings her clients deeper into their awareness of body, mind and spirit. Her classes are challenging but allowing for an inner calm surface leaving clients in a peaceful state of being.

In addition, her deeper studies with Breathing Deeply® Yoga Therapy program allows her to work one on one

offering clients a more detailed approach, to their physical, emotional and spiritual healing journey.

She is truly blessed to have found what brings peace and joy into her life and even more blessed to have the opportunity to share it with the community.  With a humble heart and immense gratitude she continues her yoga journey. You are invited to join in the journey.


Along with her teaching, Joy is a continuous student of yoga. Her passion is to bring a safe, easily approachable style of yoga to individuals who may be seeing a slight decline in their daily mobility, flexibility and balance. She is one of the first Memory Maintenance Yoga®certified teachers in the country. She intentionally seeks out training that will aid her clients who are 40, 50, & 60+ years and older. Additionally she has had extensive training in the field of adaptational yoga for aging bodies, physical limitation and effective stretching for joint and muscle discomfort. Trainings include: Yoga for Seniors, Rewind Gold, Rewind Boomers, Yoga S.A.F.E. and more. Joy instructs and attunes all Reiki trainings held at the studio along with providing individual Reiki healing sessions. 

Yoga S.A.F.E.          Yoga Therapeutics Coaching         Yin Yoga Certified        Ordained Holistic Minister    Memory Maintenance Yoga

Meditation Teacher Certified       Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy®          Usui Reiki Master of Masters          Certified Crystal Healer

Restorative Yoga         REWIND Gold® Successful Aging Yoga          REWIND Boomer® Successful Aging Yoga

Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra Graduate          Yoga Shred®          Yoga Assist               Energy Medicine Yoga®       

Jeannine About Picture Yoga Pose

Jeanine Briggs Prukop


Jeanine has been practicing yoga for 15 years and has been “living” yoga nearly as long. She believes that while asanas are some of the most well-known parts of the practice, they are just the tip of the iceberg!  The physical aspect of yoga assists her in relieving both chronic pain and depression, while the spiritual grounds her even in the most trying of times.


Self-exploration, deep personal growth, and connection to the divine feminine are a few of the life-changing experiences that yoga opened up for her. Following her intuition, this year Jeanine actively pursued and completed her yoga teacher certification with Soul Ascension Healing Arts yoga school in British Columbia. Her passion for guiding others helps her students own their power and find their way back to self-love and acceptance. Focusing her continued studies on trauma-informed yoga and healing meditations, she hopes to make yoga an accessible and life-changing experience in her local community.


As a busy mom to two wonderful kids, Jeanine enjoys a full time career in finance, and now adds remote teaching assistant to her resume. When not juggling these responsibilities, she enjoys hiking, cooking, and spending as much time as possible in nature with her husband.

Susan Sledge

RYT200 & Reiki Master

Susan is a retired nurse. She has always exercised in some form all of her adult life. She began practicing yoga over 10 years ago. She was introduced to her first class by her daughter, who still practices. She found the practice of yoga transforming for the body, mind and spirit. Her dedication to yoga and its teaching inspired her to enroll in the Yoga NH 200 YTT program. Susan graduated from the Yoga NH Teacher Training Program at Banyan Tree Yoga in May 2020 and is now a RYT-2OO. She is a Reiki Master,completed Restorative Yoga/Yoga Nidra levels I-II through Yoga NH in April of 2020, Yin teacher training in February 2020 through YogaRenew and Chair Yoga teacher training through Lakshmi Voelker Chair yoga in March of 2021.  She is currently participating in Memory Maintenance Teacher Training through Soma Yoga Institute. Her passion is for everybody, regardless of age, to be introduced to the benefits of yoga, being mindful of the challenges of aging and the effects it may have on the body. It is in the doing that we learn; any movement in a positive direction is progress, no matter how small or how long it takes.


In addition to yoga, Susan enjoys time with her family, being outdoors, baking, creating cards, sewing, quilting and being Auntie to her neighbors puppies. 

Susan Chair Pose Yoga

Alyson Grgurovic


Aly has been practicing yoga for over 10 years.  She completed her 200 hr yoga teacher training in 2020 at the YogaBalance yoga studio in Manchester NH, amidst the pandemic.  Her first teaching was done over Zoom, but in September 2020, she began teaching yoga in the gym setting in-person.  She teaches a YogaWorks style of vinyasa yoga, which blends the alignment focus and use of props of the Iyengar yoga tradition, with the breath work and Sun Salutations of the Ashtanga tradition. She loves to really settle into postures!


Aly practices and lives what she teaches, yoga is a part of everything she does.  Her hope is that in teaching others the practice of yoga they may find a healthier, energized, enlivened, focused, empathetic, holistic, empowered, and spiritual version of themselves; a better understanding of their true selves.   This is the real value of yoga, recognizing that we can shape our bodies and minds, that everything we need is within, we don’t have to look for it outside.  


Aside from yoga, Aly enjoys spending time with her three children and husband.  She spends as much of her day outside as possible, walking, hiking, gardening, kayaking, and camping.  She also enjoys cooking and reading, and has a never ending mountain of books on her nightstand.

Cathy Mook


Cathy is a registered Dental Hygienist, a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and a certified Yoga Tune Up® Teacher.  She has studied extensively with Jill Miller, creates of Yoga Tune Up and Peggy Cappy of Yoga for the Rest of Us, focusing on yoga modifications using a chair.


Cathy has also studied with Gary Kraftsow, a pioneer in the transmission of yoga for health, healing, personal transformation emphasizing the neck, upper back, and shoulders.


Cathy has also studied Yin Yoga with Josh Summers.  She likes to share her knowledge of release, relief and rejuvenation of the body with others. 

Cathy Mook.jpg
S Brinn .jpeg

Stefanie Brinn

RYT 200

Stefanie Brinn first discovered yoga in high school and practiced occasionally, until her college days, when she was formally introduced to yoga and fell in love with all it has to offer.


She was drawn to the practice as both a tool to help her manage anxiety and as a fun way to incorporate movement into her day. Stef holds a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies: Dance Entrepreneurship from Plymouth State University and is an RYT 200, having completed her yoga teacher certification in 2020 through the Vidya Yoga Teacher Training program in NH. She is also Reiki II certified. Before Stef began practicing yoga, she danced for 20 years which helped her to develop a deep mind and body connection and an interest in proper body alignment.


Stef is particularly interested in helping others release both physical and mental tension and in helping students find authenticity within their yoga practice. When not in the studio, you can find her hanging out with her two cats and her husband, or out snapping photos and exploring nature.

Evelyn Hunt

RYT 200, Reiki I & II

“To inspire people, don’t show them your superpowers, show them theirs”

                                                                               ~Alexander Den Heijer~


Evelyn began practicing Bikram yoga almost 9 years ago as something that brought her peace, and focus during difficult times; without knowing why, it was something she always came back to.  She was hesitant to try other types of yoga stepping out of her comfort zone, content with the structure Bikram offers, but eventually found herself wanting to deepen her practice, and explore yoga further, to get into shape and improve her health.  She immediately fell in love with Vinyasa Flow.  This practice can be challenging, but also combines a deep mind-body connection, allowing her the ability to focus more on the present. 


She completed her RYT200 Certification under Genevieve Hoellrich, Talitha Franggos, and Rachel Smetana Delois at Humble Warrior Power Yoga, with no expectations other than to learn, grow and challenge herself. This journey is where she found her voice and knew she wanted to share the benefits of this life changing practice with others.  This was just the beginning, opening doors to further train, receiving certifications in Restorative and Yoga Nidra 1 and 2, Under Maureen Miller, Reiki 1 and 2 under Joy Aldrich, at Joyful Yoga and Trauma Informed teaching under Jen Lindgren, NH Lead Prison Yoga Project, Trauma-Informed & Oncology Facilitator.


Evelyn’s focus in class is to connect mind, body and breath, finding energy while discovering the balance between strength and softness leaving students grounded and inspired feeling at peace and free


She is curious about the “why’s” in life and is passionate about making a difference. Outside of those closest to her heart, she loves many things from yoga pants to cocktail dresses, reading and dancing the night away, the beach, hiking, binging Netflix and many things in-between.  

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Kyle Morse Pic.JPG

Kyle Morse


Kyle began practicing yoga in 2006, and through every life stage and challenge since- yoga has helped connect her to what she needs. Initially only seeking a means of healing and strengthening her body, Kyle came to realize the power of yoga in healing and strengthening her mind and spirit as well. Following her transition to motherhood, and years of caring for others at work without always taking good care of herself, yoga helped Kyle to rebuild her relationship with her body and with her self. It was then that she hatched an idea to pay these gifts forward, and share yoga with others through teaching. 


Kyle completed her RYT 200 hour training at Humble Warrior Power Yoga under the guidance of Genevieve Hoellrich, Talitha Franggos, Rachel Smetana Delois, and Shauna Burke. Kyle’s classes explore creative movements, emphasizing alignment of the body, breath, and mind.


Kyle lives in Amherst, NH with her husband, two daughters, dog, chickens, and honeybees. Outside of yoga, she enjoys her work with local nonprofits, traveling, and being outdoors.