Keeping our clients in a healthy safe environment is our primary focus.


In the event a client of Joyful Yoga contracts COVID-19, you will be required to

provide a NEGATIVE test result prior to being able to return to 

in-person classes, workshops or private sessions.  

  1. Our in person studio class size is now limited to 8 individual slots per class, 6 feet apart

  2. Classes are now OPEN to NEW studio clients! New clients must register for class and purchase class card.

  3. Clients MUST reserve class slot for in-person studio class. Studio management cannot reserve for you

  4. Payment for in-person are through Class cards.

  5. Any cancellation of a reserved class MUST be done prior to four (2) hours before class start time, to ensure enough time for someone else to register.

  6. No shows for reserved in-person classes (with no cancellation) will have one (1) class deducted from class card balance, just as if in attendance.

  • Forehead temperature will be taken upon arrival.

  • Masks MUST be worn into studio and until all yogis have arrived and are on their mats 

  • Clients MUST bring their own yoga mat, limited use of blocks available. If blocks are used they must be sanitized after use. 

  • NO straps, eye pillows or blankets available for use, bring your own props. 

  • If you would like to use a bolster please bring a X-large or king size clean pillow case. 

  • Hands must be sanitized prior to entry into studio. Sanitizing station located at entry & exit points.

  • No lingering in entry space. Please only bring yoga necessities onto yoga floor.

  • Yoga mat placement marked on floor must be followed. Markings for standard size yoga mat. 

  • Mask is required for entry to and exit from yoga mat space. Face mask will be provided, should you require one, otherwise please wear one to class. 

  • Yoga mat spacing is 6 feet apart, measured from edge of mat to edge of mat for maximum social distancing. 

  • No hands on assist available for clients.